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Eco-Friendly & Low- Cost Gold Mining...

Innovation Mining is committed to near-term eco-friendly gold production from advanced, near-surface resources.


The company’s unique fusion of eco-friendly technologies and low-cost mining methods, unlocks the value of hundreds of small-scale, dormant gold deposits globally.


The Company uses a variety of innovative technologies to extract the precious metals from mineral ores, concentrates, and tailings.

Innovation Mining is capitalizing environmental stewardship by supplying the world's increasing demand for precious, critical, and strategic metals by profitably and responsibly unlocking the value of these “stranded” gold deposits, mine tailings in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The mining industry has been searching for sustainable and commercially viable alternatives to monetize these valuable resources.

The Company has a skilled and proven Executive Team. It also offers tremendous growth potential, and maintains a strong pipeline of qualified small-scale projects.

Powerful & Safe Chemistry...
Lab Work

Innovation Mining has developed a powerful, environmentally-friendly, and clean-tech formula to extract gold from ores, concentrates, and tailings. The proprietary water-based formula offers the following benefits:

  • Cyanide- free non-toxic formula

  • Powerful, high performance recoveries

  • Proven, reusable formula and process water

  • Broad pH spectrum (1 to 9)

  • Cost-effective alternative to current processes

  • Broad applicability Spectrum

  • Effective on most oxide and sulfide ores

  • Can be used on complex ores (Cu, As, S)

Innovative Extraction Process...

Innovation Mining uses several conventional and innovative extraction processes in their operations including gravity and flotation concentration, vat and heap leaching, using environmentally-friendly formulas. This unique process simplifies and accelerates the permitting process and near-term production profile of the target projects.  

The ore is processed in a series of large leach leach pads or reloadable concrete Vats to dissolve or leach the contained gold into solution. The reagent and process water are treated, recycled and reused, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to current processes.

This unique low CAPEX modular extraction concept allows us to cost-effectively mine smaller, low-grade deposits that typically don't justify conventional mining/extraction investment. 


Setting a new standard in gold mining...

Environmentally Friendly Mining
Eco-friendly & Sustainable
Provides an environmentally friendly  and sustainable alternative to most mining methods. Contributes to a healthier planet. 
The key to sustainable mining
Unique low-CAPEX, low-OPEX  and modular  equipment configuration unlocks the value of  small-scale or stranded gold deposits globally.
Unlocks  Value 
Accelerates project permitting and production profile by using sustainable practices and  capitalizing on past exploration and resource development. 
Accelerates Production 
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