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Business Model

Innovation in Gold Mining ...

  • Unlocking the Value of Small Deposits and Mine Tailings...

  • Focus on Near-Term Production

The Innovation Mining Difference

Focus on near-term gold production

As the world continues to become more environmentally conscious, the gold mining industry strives to balance profits with environmental and social responsibilities. With fewer discoveries, lower grades and higher costs, the sector is turning to innovation and technology to maintain that vital balance.


Innovation Mining is leading the way in this transition to more environmentally-friendly, low-risk, and cost-effective gold mining by relying on a unique fusion of proven low-cost mining methods and innovative new technologies. 


The company is focused on the near-term production of existing near-surface, well defined resources by combining technologies with experience, and an agile business philosophy. The business concept is anchored on the following factors:

Opportunities and Market Differentiators

Large Addressable Market – Globally there are thousands of attractive near surface, small-scale gold deposits and valuable tailings that remain dormant due to several conditions, including; size and financial limitations, project access, environmental considerations, metallurgical challenges, cyanide prohibition, etc. The opportunity to unlock the value of these deposits lies at the heart of the Dynavat business model.


Building Gold Inventories (Value in the Ground) - As the Company advances its qualified projects to production, it also develops and qualifies it's it in-ground, near-surface, mineralized materials to NI 43-101 compliant resources.  Once these resources are advanced to reserves, they can be quantified and assigned an economic value. Management, and many analysts, agree that there is an accepted metric for valuing of these "ounces-in-ground". The Company is targeting a combined resource in excess of 1 million ounces of Gold.

Image by Jingming Pan

Focused on Precious Metals - Our primary focus is on the recovery of gold and silver. A commitment to advanced research and development will lead to incremental metallurgical advances on the recovery of other critical and strategic elements which is anticipated to yield significant results.


Resource Growth Through Cash Flow: - Innovation Mining monetizes existing resources with a near-term production philosophy. Unlike many other companies, who choose to invest heavily in exploration and resource development to enhance valuation metrics, Innovation Mining capitalizes on smaller/stranded economic deposits with potential for resource growth. Any expansion of resources is paid for out of operational cash flow, not dilution of shareholders.


Superior Proprietary Process - The combination of our proprietary technology suite, mining methods, and eco-friendly processes can potentially change the dynamics of gold mining. Our  focus on clean technology and expertise allow us to offer industry-leading recovery rates, reclaiming up to 96% of precious metals from ores, concentrates and tailings with little or no pollution.


Small-Scale Gold Mining - The Company is focusing on small-scale (100 to 300 tpd) operations. The benefits of commercializing smaller or "stranded" gold deposits include: lower CAPEX, less permitting due to smaller environmental footprint, less equipment and infrastructure, unlocks the value of the deposit and allows us to capitalize on previous exploration programs. It provides for a faster decision process, low entry cost, and less competition. 


Environmentally Friendly Formulas - Innovation Mining has selected only proven, safe and powerful hydrometallurgical formulas for use in it's operations. Our selected reagents are safe and therefore regulations may allow for the adoption of low CAPEX leach process options. The use of these reagents may reduce financial and environmental barriers and enable the recovery of the gold in an economic and sustainable manner. In addition to the lower capital investment, the use of  these reagents may open up stranded and uneconomic deposits. 


Comparatively Low-Risk  - Innovation Mining's project selection process provides a relatively low exposure to the typical risks associated with gold mining. There is almost no exploration risk, as previous operators incurred all of the exploration, discovery and resource development costs. In all cases, the selected projects contain well-defined gold resources and have extensive reports on past exploration programs, geological reports, NI 43-101 technical reports, scoping studies, metallurgical  analysis, etc. 


Low-Cost, High-Margin Model - Innovation Mining’s low-CAPEX, low-OPEX on-surface operating approach leverages modular, reusable and scalable equipment for maximum flexibility and optimized economic outcomes. The Company also leverages the expense and resulting knowledge of past geological studies and exploration programs to monetize or unlock the value of the dormant mineral deposit.


Proven Technology - Innovation Mining develops optimized solutions for site-specific conditions, combining decades of experience, proprietary processes and other, proven mineral processing methodologies to achieve superior metal recovery and environmental outcomes. DynaVat’s “best of breed” approach includes proprietary eco friendly leaching technologies designed to cost-effectively recover precious metals.

"The ability to unlock the value of these stranded assets lies at the heart of the Dynavat business model..."

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