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Company Information

Setting the New Environmental Standard in Gold Mining...

Company Information

Innovation Mining is a clean, small-scale gold mining company committed to using best practises to develop and capitalize existing mineral resources in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Innovation Mining solutions employ proprietary technologies, conventional low-cost mining methods and other proven equipment and methodologies to sustainably recover precious  metals and minerals from conventional deposits and mine tailings .

Industry Overview


While long-term demand for precious metals is supported by strong financial and demographic factors, less discoveries, higher mining costs, declines in global reserves, high exploration costs, and an increase in the complexity of metal recovery from difficult ores, there is a shift to smaller and deposits and simple metallurgy. The increasing challenge to lower production costs coupled with the need to reduce the overall environmental effects of mining, drives the opportunity for innovation.

Studies have estimated that the value of precious metals at old mine sites exceeds USD $1 trillion. In the US alone there are over 32,000 closed gold mining sites with on-surface tailings. The production of metal from these sites provides a huge financial opportunity that is aligned with the increasing investment in sustainable and responsible businesses. Innovation Miningis also investigating the numerous funding initiatives that exist for the remediation of these sites.

Business Description


Innovation Mining has an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a vision of accelerating the gold mining sector's transition to a to embrace small-scale and environmentally-friendly extraction methodologies. Innovation Mining's suite of proven and proprietary solutions for responsible resource recovery include, eco-friendly sustainable chemical reagents, innovative dynamic vat leaching technologies, water recycling technologies, and modular relocatable process systems that facilitate reduced CAPEX/OPEX.

Innovation Mining’s gold recovery model is  targeted at select mineral property owners and operators to unlock the value of dormant resources on their projects. Many mine owners lack the financial resources and expertise to commercialize these resources or have simply chosen to focus on other high-priority areas of their project. In many cases, the target deposit is simply too small to attract attention from most conventional gold miners as they do not "fit the mold" or simply justify the capital investment necessary to support conventional mining.


The company is is also investigating numerous mine tailings projects to take advantage of the low-cost, on-surface, well-defined nature of these resources. The tailings hold residual value that may be unlocked using Innovation Mining's innovative new technologies providing mining operations without the generation of any new extraction-related wastes. This model can reduce the energy required in the production of metal and mineral commodities by up to 80% by eliminating the need to mine plant feed. This delivers a true "Metals without Mining" opportunity. By remediating waste products from previous and ongoing mining operations, Innovation Miningis positioned to earn and maintain its social license. Innovation Mining’s commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible resource development is a fundamental driver of our value proposition. 

Operations and Revenue Streams


Innovation Mining's opportunity acquisition model includes acquiring resource recovery rights through a variety of business relationships including; joint ventures, partnerships, royalty models, options and mergers and acquisitions. These type of relationships offer a low-cost and near-term entry point and monetizes existing resource exploration and resource development. 


Innovation Mining also intends to develop relationships with additional strategic partners in all target jurisdictions and will consider additional acquisitions of technology, intellectual property and other assets that can advance or are complementary to our business model and operations.

Our Evaluation and Operational Model: 

1. Business Development and Opportunity Identification:

​​Innovation Mining reviews historic and modern mineral resource data from geological reports, resource estimates, mine production data and leverages the expertise of our professionals to identify possible resource recovery opportunities, using key site characteristics and metrics related to grade, metallurgy, volume, potential leach kinetics and recoveries.

2. Preliminary Metallurgical Evaluation:

Innovation Mining will typically perform basic metallurgical evaluation of the subject material to determine sample grades and other relevant extractive characteristics  such as amenability to concentration and leaching.

3. Preliminary Study:

Pre-qualified opportunities undergo an in-depth initial study, which includes an economic, and environmental review, and a detailed assessment that is used for a management review of the opportunity.  At this time a more advanced metallurgical study is performed which may include gravity recovery (GRG), bottle roll and column tests. An initial regulatory review may be undertaken during the Initial Study is intended to identify regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over the site, and key permits and work notices required for operations along with associated fees and lead times. Initial Non-Disclosure Agreements and engagement with the property owner/operator is done via Letter of Agreement to ensure rights and to acquire site-related data, negotiate the execution of a contract and provide access to the site to conduct advanced analysis. This initial commercial agreement is intended to secure the mining rights to contingent upon Innovation Mining satisfying internal requirements for project economics and viability. 

4. Advanced Project Analysis:

Contingent upon the results of the Initial Study, Innovation Mining will proceed with the detailed phase of project feasibility and economic review. Activities undertaken during this phase are intended to increase Innovation Mining’s confidence in the project opportunity, select a final optimized process flow for optimized metal recovery, prepare environmental and other submissions, and develop operational plans.

5. Implementation and Production:

Following the internal and site review and receipt of required operating permits, and contingent upon a final executive review, Innovation Mining will deploy its resource recovery teams on site in conjunction with strategic services partners to start site engineering and construction, mobilization of modular components, surface mining, material preparation and stockpiling followed by resource recovery. Throughout the operational period, Innovation Mining will compile operational data, including metallurgical, recoveries, statistics, metal sales accounting, and provide its partners with transparent and timely  reporting.

6. Closure:

Following requisite site remediation and resource recovery operations, Innovation Mining will demobilise its equipment consistent with regulatory requirements and environmental best practices to ensure a minimal and responsible environmental and social impact.

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