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Risk Adversity Quotient

Comparatively low risk to conventional gold mining...

Financial & Operational Risk Management

De-risking gold production through innovative, low-cost, small-scale mining...

The gold mining sector is typically quite resilient and responds positively in an environment of broad, complex and diverse risks. However, the simple nature of mining itself, is  burdened with risk from exploration to production to closure.

Concerns about exploration, permitting, metallurgy, access to capital, political instability, ability to delineate and replace reserves,  all remain prominent on the risk landscape. Meanwhile, the emergence of regulatory, compliance, and environmental and social challenges are increasing the risk burden.

The Innovation Mining business philosophy is to mitigate risk by strategically reducing or eliminating the highest risk factors of the sector.  These include; lower exploration and resource development risk by identifying low-cost, near-surface, well-defined resources, simplifying permitting risk by employing simple, small-scale, eco-friendly processes, and employing low CAPEX and OPEX operating technologies to reduce exposure to adverse commodity prices. The ability to exploit past producing mines and tailings projects also reduces operational risk.

Low-Risk Differentiators

Focus on Small-Scale, Near-Surface Gold Deposits - The Company is focusing on small-scale (100 to 300 tpd) near-surface mining operations. The benefits of commercializing these constrained gold deposits include: lower CAPEX, less permitting due to smaller environmental footprint, less equipment and infrastructure, lower bulk-mining costs. These traits provides for a faster decision and permitting process, and less market competition provides for a low-cost entry point. 


Target Only Well Defined and Documented Resources Innovation Mining is targeting gold deposits that have been the subject of extensive past exploration and resource development programs. The subject projects all have a well delineated resource and well documented geologic, geophysical, technical and metallurgical reports substantiated by extensive drilling and analytical programs. These stranded projects, although having sufficient grade, have fallen short of the requisite resource base necessary to justify large-scale conventional mining and extraction methods. 


Environmentally Friendly Formulas and Methods - Innovation Mining has selected only proven, safe and powerful hydrometallurgical formulas for use in it's operations. Our selected reagents are ecofriendly and therefore regulations may allow for the adoption of low CAPEX leach process options.  In addition to the lower capital investment, the use of  these reagents may open up stranded and uneconomic deposits. This "green" approach streamlines the permitting process, reduces overall permitting risk, and eliminates the risk of potential costly toxic environmental contamination.


Employ Low-Cost Mining & Extraction Methods - The combination of our proprietary low-cost technology suite with low-cost mining methods, and eco-friendly processes can potentially change the dynamics of gold mining. Innovation Mining’s low-CAPEX, low-OPEX, on-surface operating approach leverages modular, reusable and scalable equipment for maximum flexibility and optimized economic outcomes. This low-cost per ounce CAPEX & OPEX philosophy mitigates the company's exposure to adverse commodity prices by operating at one of the lowest all-in cost per ounce in the industry.


Proven Technology - Innovation Mining develops optimized solutions for site-specific conditions, combining decades of experience, and employing only proven proprietary processes and well-known conventional mineral processing methodologies. Innovation Mining’s “best of breed” approach includes the use of a proven, safe, and eco friendly leaching formula designed to cost-effectively  recover precious metals in an environmentally-friendly and safe manner.


Geopolitical Risk Adversity - Innovation Mining focuses its attention and investments within geopolitically stable jurisdictions with initial preferences in the North, Central and South America's. The Company is investigating future international opportunities with strong, well-known and proven partners globally. The Executive will continue to support and  forge strong global relationships with numerous United Nations representatives, ambassadors, and form strategic partnerships with international Investment Programs as part of our future global initiatives program.


Comprehensive, Staged Project Evaluation Process - Innovation Mining carefully vets each of its candidate projects in a staged qualification/elimination process. This allows the Company to strategically vet and eliminate unsuitable candidates early in the cycle which significantly reduces primary project research time and investment risk. The steps include preliminary project evaluation, followed by initial metallurgical amenability, advanced lab testing, project acquisition/royalty negotiations, permitting evaluations, bulk testing, advanced site studies, etc. 


Capital Acquisition Strategy - Innovation Mining has a proven team of executives with extensive experience in the negotiation and acquisition of capital funding in both private and public markets. Innovation Mining offers a unique intersection of technology, innovation, and proven industry methods which drive a solid business model in an exciting sector. The Company's unique offering, market positioning, and experienced management team provides access to capital from a number of sources, including; private individuals, family offices, institutions, VC's, and project partnerships. The Executive's goal is to establish positive cash flow ASAP and create value through organic growth, versus shareholder dilution.

"The ability to significantly lower the risk quotient of our selected projects allows Innovation Mining to uniquely leverage a high-margin, low-cost operating environment " Duane Nelson, CEO

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