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Gold Mining Projects...

Qualified Projects

Royal Vindicator Gold Mine

The Company has entered into an agreement to purchase the permitted and fully operational Royal Vindicator (RV) Gold Mine located approximately 60 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. A full year, small scale, bulk test operation was completed in 2023 which produced approximately 650 Oz's of gold.

The RV gold mine has a rich history. It was discovered in 1829 and operated as one of the first gold mines in the United States. Some of its historic highlights include;

•    1829 – Discovery of Gold at the RV Mine site
•    1860 – Shut down for the Civil War
•    1896 – Purchased by the Royal Mining Co.
•    1904 – Purchased by Tallapoosa Gold Mining Co.
•    1930 – Mine purchased by US Smelting Mining Co.
•    1980 – Mine purchased by US Borax Corporation. 
•    1987 – Mine purchased by Atlantic Goldfields. 
•    1988 – Surface Mining and – Air Quality Permits 
•    1989 – ACA Howe Pre-Feasibility Study

east pit.jpg

Producing Gold Now...


Initial placer and underground mining began on the site at around 1829 and continued intermittently until about 1919. Since that time the mine has been explored and inspected by US Steel, US Borax, Jascan/Atlantic Goldfields, and was finally purchased by the current owner in 2019.

The 2023 pre-production test phase successfully produced 650 Oz's of gold. The mine is currently being ramped up into full-scale production and will be operated as a low-cost, open-pit, bulk mining operation using heap and vat leaching to extract the gold from the mineralized materials.

The Company completed an NI 43-101 Technical Report in December 2023 and was prepared by DAHROUGE GEOLOGICAL CONSULTING USA LTD.  

Bulk Heap Leaching and Vat Leaching Tests of Innovations Technology

The RV Mine is fully permitted and currently operating in small scale production. The mine will also act as a showcase and provide validation for the Company's technology suite and their commitment to ESG practices and principles.


Innovation Mining has scheduled bulk-scale on-site tests of the Innovation Formula (NsOL1) at the mine in July/August 2024.

The bulk tests involve a series of whole-ore 100 - 500 tonne vat leach (on-off)  leach tests performed on run of mine mineralized RV material crushed to minus 3/4 inch. (photo to right)

The comprehensive suite of tests will compare the leach kinetics, recoveries, and provide a detailed economic analysis and comparison of the Innovation formula to a conventional cyanide-based solution.

RV Mine Test Vat 1
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