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Near-term gold mining investment opportunities......

Unlocking Dormant Value...


Gold mining is facing a paradigm shift. Demand for precious metals is increasing, but resources remain scarce. Gold deposits are shrinking in both size and grade. Large-scale discoveries are becoming very rare.


Global demands for smaller-scale and environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and technologies are growing exponentially. We started Innovation Mining to address and commercialize these issues.

Through our unique combination of proprietary technologies, solid operational knowledge, and an agile, corporate culture, we unlock the value of precious metals resources and accelerate the gold mining sector's transition to a sustainable environmentally-friendly industry.

Using a combination of low-cost mining methods and cutting edge extractive technologies, our unique suite of processes economically recovers gold from both conventional deposits and  mine tailings . 

Strategically positioned for explosive growth, Innovation Mining provides a scalable solution for a currently untapped global market. With minimum capital expenditure, we generate maximum return on assets by recovering precious metals for projects that would otherwise have remained dormant.

But, in addition to unlocking the value of valuable mineral resources, our processes is also eco-friendly, safe, and sustainable. Our proven technology uses a benign chemistry which is recycled and reused. Our process water is also reused in a closed cycle process.


In addition to the ecological benefits, this also reduces environmental liabilities, maintenance costs, environmental bonds, and reclamation fees. For an extensive list of detailed Q&A regarding Innovation Mining's technology and business model please click here.

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